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but if court has ordered he cannot complete financial transactions more than $1,000. >>> and obama visits an area school to push his the budget agenda. >> reporter: president obama put parkville middle in the spotlight today as he unveiled his $3.7 million spending plan. >> reporter: the presidential motorcade arrived at parkville middle the center of technology just before 11:00. soon after, president obama appeared in a classroom giving a 90 minute speech. >> right now this school, parkville is preparing our kids for the jobs and careers of the 21st century. >> reporter: the president saw firsthand how the school is doing just that. >> so do you guys do a lot of group projects like this? >> reporter: parkville middle school is an constitution that focuses on science, technology, engineer and math. >> i'm told the most popular subject at this school is engineering. that's important because today the most common educational background for america's top business leaders isn't economics, it's not finance. it's not even business. it's engineering. >> reporter: in the days ahead, president o
to leave. >> reporter: president obama was in the oval office when he got word that mubarak had stepped down. and he watched on television some of the celebrations gripping cairo. >> the people in egypt have spoken. their voices have been heard. and egypt will never be the same. >> reporter: events unfolded so fast, the white house had to scramble to keep up. mubarak was rumored to be resigning yesterday. and demonstrators were furious when he said he wasn't leaving. the administration tried to walk a fine line. supporting the demands for democracy, but reluctant to abandon a key ally that gets over a billion dollars of u.s. aid every year. protest leaders are looking to the future. they're thrilled with mubarak's decision to leave. but they say they're not leaving the square until democracy fully takes hold in their country. >> reporter: in the hours after the news broke, president obama did huddle with his national security team in the situation room. but the white house says he did not speak with mubarak today or imhrgt e -- any other egyptian leader. we're live in the white house, i
also claims president obama and governor o'malley have sent him letters. wjz discovered this you tube video, apparentlyinariated by davis. >> you are at the head. make a choice. >> reporter: there was a similar incident two years ago. and in 1986, he was accused of threatening a public official with a false bomb. his most recent toilets have landed him in jail without bond again. and a psychiatric evaluation. >> what do we do about people like this? >> at this point, it's too soon for me to comment on this. >> reporter: at this point, prosecutors are looking for the psychiatric evaluation. in the meantime, davis is locked up. and if he's eventually convicted on these charges, he could face up to 10 years in prison. at the district courthouse in towson, adam may, wjz eyewitness news. >> davis also tried suing the governor a few months ago. but the case was immediately thrown out of court. >>> a health scare in a baltimore city school. mare sein the -- mary is in the newsroom. >> reporter: the carbon monoxide leak caused problems at dicky hill elementary and middle. 8:00 this morning, p
president obama to help. >> president obama, say directly to president mubarak, you have to leave and the peace will get back to egypt in one second. >> reporter: the white house condemned the new wave of violence and turned up the pressure on mubarak to start the process of leaving office sooner rather than later. >> that was yesterday. because when we said "now," we meant "yesterday." >> reporter: the white house has to walk a fine bals. >> reporter: cbs news analyst juan zarate says the u.s. has to walk carefully. aware that others are watching carefully. >> not just how president mubarak or the military views how president obama treats him and the regime, but also how other allies view u.s. staying power and fidelity. >> reporter: the state department continues to evacuate americans on special charter flights. more than 1600 americans have fled cairo, with no end in sight to the crisis. >> reporter: in washington, joel brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> complete coverage continues now with weijia jiang, who has residents who are concerned about loved ones. >> reporter: we spoke to
obama has been working the phones from the white house. he's consulting with world leaders on a package of sanctions that would punish libya's government for the crackdown. >> we are initiating a series of steps to pressure the regime in libya to stop killing its own people. >> reporter: as libyans fight, foreigners are racing to leave. cell phone video from outside tripoli's airport, shows thousands camped out, waiting to evacuate. and after days of weather delays, a ferry, carrying more than 150 u.s. citizens, finally arrived in malta, glad to be safe, as the revolt takes a deadlier turn. joel brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> reporter: and a u.s.- chartered evacuation flight also left libya friday, just as the u.s. alerted libyan officials that it is suspending all libyan operations in that country, effective immediately. >>> creating jobs in maryland. maryland's governor travels down to the state house to discuss this issue and others. governor martin o'malley met with president obama and vice president biden. tomorrow is the national governor's meet. and sunday, the governor the host
a week ago. >> this is. >> the obama administration has walked a diplomatic tight rope. a special envoy reportedly told mubarak that the u.s. sees its presidency at an end. at the time, u.s. officials are calling for what they call an orderly transition. >> reporter: early tuesday, the u.s. state department ordered nonessential employees out of egypt. pressure to reform is mounting on other arab states fearful to protest and violence could spread. the king of jordan and palestinian authority announced they'll soon hold elections that have been delayed for years. in washington, joel brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> mike hellgren continues our complete coverage, live from johns hopkins university, with the stories of maryland students returning home. mike? >> reporter: and vic, good news. all of the hopkins students, more than 20 of them and staff members. the last plane left earlier today, from egypt, carrying them. also, there's a student from howard county community college who had an incredible journey home. and her parents shared it with wjz. >> reporter: the protests many people are w
other break- ins. wilkins is being held on $1 million bond. >>> president barack obama spoke at the national prayer breakfast in washington today. although much of the breakfast took a serious tone, the president joked around at times, saying he has prayed for god's intervention on any number of occasions. >> like most of you, my prayers sometimes are general. lord, give me the strength, to meet the challenges of my office. sometimes, they're specific. lord, give me patience, as i watch maliyah go to her first dance. where there will be boys. [ laughter ] >> today, the 59th annual prayer breakfast, more than 2500 people from 130 countries attended the event. >> oh, those boys. they can try the patience of even a president. >>> let's take a look at what we have coming up for this end of the week and the weekend. right now, it's pretty chilly. 29. but there's no wind at all. the barometer continues to rise. come back and take a look at that friday and the weekend after this. ,,,, i love to eat. i love hanging out with my friends. i have a great fit with my dentures. i love kiwi
. president obama was told about the attack before the arrest wednesday. >> it shows vigilance against terrorism here and abroad. >> reporter: he had written in his journal that he had applied for and received a specific scholarship that allowed him to come directly to the united states and helped him pay for his plan to bomb targets here. he'll appear in federal court on friday. if found guilty, aldawsari could spend the rest of his life in a federal jail. joel brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> authorities say aldawsari planned to hide the bombs he built inside dolls, baby carriages and possibly a backpack. >> we've had snow, a warmup and now rain. a live look outside now. i think most of us are ready for this winter to end. meteorologist tim williams and bob turk are tracking what we can expect tonight. first, here's bob. >>> i guess some people haven't had enough snow. we'll talk about that later. >>> take a look at radar. we had rain in the region. scattered around, light. but should get heavier or at least moderate later tonight. let's open up and shift radar. quite a bit of rain acr
doctors in cairo staged a rally. president obamaed -- obama said people have america's support. >> we are witnessing history unfold. a moment that is taking place because the people of egypt are calling for change. >> reporter: the egyptian military is takes steps to safeguard the country. it leads to more questions about what the future holds for egypt. >> president mubarak said he would step down in september after the elections. but even then, he said he won't leave egypt, he plans to die there. >>> local egyptians living here in the baltimore region. kelly? >> reporter: denise, people from egypt and other middle eastern descent have been watching the latest news and they are commiserating, saying very little will change after today's speech. >> reporter: american egyptians got angry after willing listening to mubarak say he will not step down. >> reporter: the power going to the vice president. do you think things will change? >> he and him are the same. only the regime will change. >> i'm lucky, i'm only here three days. some people, five, six years, with nothing. >> reporter: sw
williams was pregnant at the time of her murder. >>> president barack obama pays tribute to a who's who. the president awarded the medal of freedom to 15 people this afternoon. he recognized former president george h.w. bush for his 70 years of service to the country. also getting awards sam uzile. and businessman warren buffett. >>> seat belts save lives. it's a simple message that people appear to be getting. more people are buckling up than ever before. but a new study is still raising concerns. >> reporter: it means more drivers are buckling up behind the wheel. unfortunately, those studies don't always include everyone on in the car. >> reporter: seat belt campaigns and stiffer penalties have more marylanders buckling up behind the wheel. >> today, we're seeing about a 94.7%. that's almost 95% of people, making it a habit to wear seat belts. that's incredible. >> reporter: the good news is, while drivers are getting the message and wearing their seat belt in the front seats, it's the rest of the car that is cause for concern. >> reporter: national traffic safety officials found onl
wounded in the southern city of caive, when someone threw a grenade into the crowd. president obama condemned the violence in what is shaping up to be another foreign policy test for his administration. charlie d'agata, wjz eyewitness news. >> tunisia's transitional government approved a political amnesty of the political prisoners today. >>> breaking news. a judge has just made a major ruling in the case of the man who allegedly went on a shooting rampage. judge larry burns just announced he will not release a new mug shot of the suspect and will not unseal records of a police search of his home. 22-year-old jairded loughner is accused of a bloody rampage that left six people dead, a number wounded, including congresswoman gabby giffords. a number of agencies wanted to know what police found when they searched loughner's house. >>> the sign of a serial man. they say he conspired with a gunman to rob his father last year. the senior boadzman shot the robber. >>> a child is acducted from her bus stop, sexually assaulted and left to die. years later, the victim finds her attacker coul
>> couric: tonight, as the fighting in libya escalates, the obama administration says it's time for qaddafi to go and u.s. forces move closer to libyan shores. i'm katie couric. also tonight, the battle over state budgets. our new poll finds most americans oppose cutting the pay benefits, and union rights of public employees. h.p.v., the virus that can cause cancer in women is now found in half of american men. and "assignment america." you don't want to run afoul of this goose. >> i've seen her go up and scare the heck out of pit bulls. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. secretary of state hillary clinton could not have put it
of fame last year when president obama paid a jobs creation visit. >> anything they do to create hiring with tax credits and to encourage reinvestment with tax credits. >> that's how stanley tucker is feeling today about the governor's new plan to let insurance companies pay their taxes at a reduced rate. and the state invest that -- invests that. >> not only will it give us for people. but the company will also be hiring more people as well. >> it's a plan to improve. >> lowest scores that maryland received was in that category of availability of venture capital. >> improving on that would mean a lot to business owner michael binko, too. >> it would help us hire employees. get our awareness out. >> the state should benefit, too. it gets 100% return on its investment, plus a share on company profits. >> and the state's investment would total $100 million. >>> still to come on wjz eyewitness news. cola concerns. it's not just the sugar you need to watch out for. the warning all parents need to know about from one group. >>> i'm alex demetrick, coming up. dragging the ches folk for poache
others are in custody. >> reporter: president obama gave the okay to use violence if the lives of the hostages were in danger. this morning, they were informed of the shooting. >> we will honor their memory by strengthening international responses and partnership to bring these criminals to justice. >> reporter: all four victims were avid sailors. their journey began with a group of other boats. but for some reason, the quest decided to break off and go it alone. >> we don't know. and now, unfortunately, we may never know. >> reporter: these deaths mark the first american lives lost in a wave of pirate attacks that has gripped the somali waters for years. >>> according to an international maritime group, 51 foreign vessels and 819 sailors are currently being held captive by pirates. >>> eight weeks ago, teenage honor student, phylicia barnes, vanished while visiting baltimore. tonight, we've learned there are plans for a new and extensive search. mike hellgren has more on felicia's dad. >> reporter: he's holding out hope. a massive search planned. and police also questioned som
. president obama said today he jipt is making progress on a transition to
to prominence in annapolis over decades, meeting politicians like president obama, state senator lisa gladden was keeping a secret from everyone. she has m.s., multiple sclerosis, a debilitating, incurable disease. >> that's a lot to live with, to keep that a secret that long. >> people ask me, did you tell this person that. >> i didn't tell anybody. >> no one. >> no one? who knew in your life? >> my mom. i live a life. i'm a very open person. once i shared, it's not only helped other people, which is what i really wanted to do. it also freed me tup, because i didn't have to worry if somebody found out. >> reporter: in 1995, long before she was vice chair, she got the shock of her life when her doctor told her she has m.s., a disease that attacks the central nervous system and affects nearly half a million americans. for the first time, she's ready to talk about it, hoping to inspire others. >> when you first heard that you had m.s., were you nervous that people would perceive you differently and would treat you differently? >> i'm nervous about it right now. it's very fearful to expose somet
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16